In the area of valuation, we offer the following services of our experts, including expert opinion for legal purposes:

Business enterprise and its part valuation for sale, acquisition, non-cash contribution and lease purposes

Valuation of minority and control equity shares and other financial assets

Inventory and receivables valuation for sale and adjustments in financial statements purposes

Business enterprise and other assets investment value analyses

Machinery and equipment fair valuations for sale, contribution, collateral and insurance purposes

Economic life analyses of assets for accounting depreciation purposes

Equity valuation for mergers, transfer of assets to holding company, de-mergers and for other purposes according to commercial code

Intangible assets valuation (trade names and trademarks, customer contracts and relationships, patented and un-patented technology, IP R&D, goodwill, ...) for purchase price allocation purposes and financial statements opening according to IFRS, USGAAP and Czech accounting purposes and for contribution, sale and lease purposes

Impairment testing - goodwill and other assets of companies value testing

Administrative and fair valuations of real estate for tax purposes, sale, contribution, collateral and property insurance puposes