About us

Who we are

We concentrate on the requests, requirements and needs of our clients, with absolute confidentiality and transparency.

Our company is based on its own team of experts and external specialists encompassing a vast practical experience in the valuation of business enterprises, real estate, machinery and equipment and intangible assets, providing further services for real estate, financial analyses, tax advisory, accounting, audit and legal matters. To be able to provide comprehensive investment services, we have developed partnership with high quality advisors, expert service specialists and government institutions. Based on this strategy and partnership, we are able to provide and arrange services of the highest quality in response to your specific requirements.

Throughout our projects and collaboration with clients, we place extreme importance on the following values:
  • Expertise, consistency and quality
  • Flexibility and individual treatment
  • Independence and neutrality
  • Maximum co-operation and communication
  • Legality and code of ethics
The services provided by BISON FINANCE can significantly assist in the successful project management process, creating value-added, especially for the following types of clients:
  • Business investors and shareholders
  • Companies’ management
  • Developers and real estate investors
  • Bankruptcy administrators
  • Auditors and tax advisors
  • Lawyers and law offices
  • Government administration


When providing services, valuations and consulting services, we follow professional standards, including also ethics rules. To observe
the highest standards of professional ethics it is important to promote and preserve the trust of our clients and public.


An expert must perform assignments ethically and competently. An expert must not engage in criminal conduct. An expert must perform assignments with impartiality, objectivity, and independence, and without accommodation of personal interests. In appraisal practice, an appraiser must not perform as an advocate for any party or issue. The assignment results must not be communicated in a misleading or fraudulent manner.


An expert must protect the confidential nature of the appraiser-client relationship. He must act in good faith with regard to the legitimate interests of the client in the use of confidential information and in the communication of assignment results. An expert must be aware of, and comply with, all confidentiality and privacy laws and regulations applicable in an assignment. Confidential information and assignment results prepared for client must not be disclosed to anyone other than the client and persons specifically authorised by the client.


The payment of undisclosed fees, commissions, or things of value in connection with the procurement of an assignment is unethical. It is unethical to accept compensation for performing an assignment when it is contingent upon the reporting of a predetermined services, opinion of value and results that favours the cause of the client. Advertising for or soliciting assignments in a manner that is false, misleading, or exaggerated is unethical.

Record keeping

An expert must prepare a workfile for each assignment. The workfile must include the name of the client, true copies of any reached conclusions and written reports, summaries of any oral reports or testimony, or a transcript of testimony, and all other data, information, and documentation necessary to support the expert’s opinions and conclusions. The workfile must be retained for a period of at least 5 years after preparation or at least 2 years after final disposition of any judicial proceeding in which testimony was given.


Our clients benefit only from the highest quality of services. To be able to provide such high quality services , our company follows internal quality and responsibility systems. In valuation services we follow “The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)” prepared by The Appraisal Foundation. We co-operate only with verified external specialists of the highest quality.

To maintain our quality service, our experts participate in education courses in their subject areas. These result in the following certificates:

ASA – business valuation courses
IOM – certificate of study
VSE – certification
Other certifications

Through membership of such organisations as listed below, our experts can maintain and develop the highest levelof expertise:

Company management

We provide comprehensive investment consulting services by cooperation with external experts and with our own teem of experts. The services are supervised by following representatives:

Ing. Jiří Kadrman

Ing. Jiří Kadrman

Partner, senior project manager

Specialist in valuation of business enterprises, equity shares and intangible assets

Ing. Jiří Jánský

Ing. Jiří Jánský

Partner, senior project manager

Business development and sales manager


To be able to provide comprehensive investment services, we have developed partnerships with:

Auditors and accountants
  • Ing. Ivo Hikeš, HI-TEX
  • LUCA AUDIT s.r.o.
  • ESAP s.r.o.
Tax advisors
  • Ing. Mgr. Miloslav Hnátek
Lawyers and law offices
  • Horák & Chvosta